Richi Rich Bali is a local brand from paradise island, Bali. Richi Rich was founded by a Balinese spouse since 2015 which was originally started from home garment factory called Bali Garment Tailor. That’s why all of Richi Rich Bali’s products are 100% self – manufactured with a good result in high quality. Also, in each fabric that has leftover clothes are always use to make an accessory because we care about the nature, because it will help to reduce the fabric waste in the environment and save our earth for the better future.

The story behind Richi Rich’s name is actually something that is meaningful to the owner. Richi Rich is taken from the name of their first son, Richi. Richi doesn’t mean want to be rich, but the meaning is used as gratitude because they are blessed to have Richi as their first child. So Richi is the treasure that has given by the God.

The purpose of Richi Rich Bali is to create products that can inspiring positive vibes and movement to the people to life healthy, relax and love the nature.

Meet The Founder

Kadek Darma Putra and his wife Aryani have a commitment to continue developing Richi Rich Bali so that it can be known throughout the world. Kadek Darma Putra is experienced in managing the needs of the factory and knowing the market interest to manage the workers. While Aryani is the great women behind Richi Rich Bali and Bali Garment Tailor. She is adept in keeping a good relationship with the customers, checking every detail of the products that will be sold or sent and she is the solution provider in every obstacle.

Meet Our Team

Richi Rich wouldn't exist if it weren't for the passion and dedication from our team. Our factory, Bali Garment Tailor is supported by professional tailors and pattern makers. Beside producing our own brand (Richi Rich Bali), our garment also accept order from other start up or established brand. Find out more about Bali Garment Tailor here.